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Established in 2006 as a punky thrift shop, Montage has dug its roots deep and is now the longest standing brick and mortar vintage clothing store in San Antonio.

Our mission is to keep well-made clothing and accessories alive and beautiful and provide a curated space for vintage lovers from all walks of life to enjoy.   

We have a seamstress on staff that mends many of the garments that you see at Montage. We can repair busted pockets, blown out denim, ripped seams, worn-out elastic, missing embellishments, buttons, tattered lace, custom patchwork, and even make major changes to some irreparable garments that are made of great fabrics. We go above and beyond to save a beautiful piece, even if it means not making much profit on it.

 We also specialize in stain removal, unless of course the stain adds good character to a piece. I personally love my own wardrobe to include some natural spots and rips. A couple of my favorite pieces are a 1970s chambray western shirt that is splattered with black motor oil and a pair of Lee overalls with paint splatter all over. I often wonder, who was wearing this piece before me and what they were up to?

We are always collecting vintage jewelry components for making jewelry in the seasons we have an inspired member of our staff. Anyone working at Montage is encouraged to express their creativity, whether sewing, making jewelry, styling, creating content, arranging displays, merchandising, etc. We don’t only collect vintage clothing and accessories, but people who are as passionate about it as we are. Staff and customers alike.

Hope to see you in the shop soon with an open mind and ready to play dress up♥️

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